Payments, Billing, & Blockchain Expert
I am a Payments and Billing expert with a successful track record spanning many industry verticals.  This includes mobile wallets, banking, EBPP, EIPP, Stored Value, and more.  My roles have typically been CIO/VP, Product Management, and Chief Architect.

I have successfully delivered every project on which I have participated. One key to my success is that I can perform just about any role in a technology organization, ranging from executive, program management, software development, and more.  Combined with my broad industry experience, I am very capable of not only determining what to build, but to mentor the organization on how to build.

My references are extensive, including C-level recommendations for every position I have held.
Payments Expertise
Technical Expertise
I have held leadership positions for each project on which I have participated.  This includes CIO, VP, Program Management, Product Management, and/or architect.
My payments-related experience is extensive, including mobile wallets, stored value, EBPP, EIPP, Payment Services Hubs, Real Time Gross Settlement Systems, Clearinghouse, Gift Cards, Banking Systems, and more.
I started my career writing code, but have also designed several data centers and cloud-based deployments.  I have extensive experience with both Service Oriented Architecture and Enterprise Architecture.  I have not forgotten my roots, and have kept my skills up-to-date.